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Easter Eggs – 204 Momentum Deferred – Part 2

Here are the rest of the clues and Easter Eggs discovered in Episode 204 – “Momentum Deferred”


– J.J. Abrams’ and Bad Robot’s favorite frozen beverage, Slusho! made another guest appearance…Slusho has also been seen in the Fringe episode ‘The Road Not Taken’, and in the Fringe Season 2 promotional poster – not to mention in Alias, Cloverfield, Heroes, and Star Trek.


– Elias Cryogenics: Elias is the middle name of Walt Disney (who, according to urban legend, had his body cryogenically frozen).

– The actor, Roger R. Cross, who plays a member of the shape-shifter group call “The first wave”, played a major role in a television series of the same name.  Thanks to Cyberprimate for this tidbit.

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Easter Eggs – 204 Momentum Deferred – Part 1

There are some other Easter Eggs that I will put in a separate post after I have had a chance to watch this episode frame by frame…but I wanted to get these up because the graffiti was just to cool!  It reminds me of the poster they released this summer.

Whhhhhhhere’s Waldo?


It’s also interesting to note that this is the same graffiti seen in Episode 202, and it was also the Next Episode Clue for 203.