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The Observer in 203 – “Fracture”

By the time the episode seemed like it was wrapping up, I was thinking “I missed him, where was he?”.  Well, as it turns out, the question this week was not ‘where is he?’, it was ‘what is he up to?’.

Last year there was a lot of speculation as to the intentions of our very bald friend, but I always maintained that he is on our side.  I have to admit that this week, I am starting to doubt that theory.  They have definitely given us reason to re-think all of our previous notions about the Observer.

I think the question about why he is always carrying a briefcase has been answered.  But another, very important question has come to the surface…What is in the briefcase?


Here is the theory in Colonel Raymond Gordon’s words…

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The Observer – 202 – Night of Desirable Objects

So…last week I was complaining that we didn’t have a very clear shot of the Observer.  Well, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut, because this week he his just a blip in the field.  I’m not even 100% sure this is him, but it’s my best guess because I didn’t see him anywhere else.

This is the shot just before Amy finds the Bible.


The Observer – 201

I was kind of hoping to get a clear shot of the Observer in this episode.  The rumors floating this summer were that Michael Cerveris may not be appearing in Fringe this season, and I was hoping to discover if that was true or not.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if this is him or not.


You can catch the Observer walking across the bottom of the screen in the opening sequence.

Observer leaving and Charlie staying?

We had all thought that FBI agent Charlie was leaving us…but recent promo photos and this set photo make it quite obvious that we haven’t seen the last of Charlie.


The Observer, on the other hand, might be a different story.  Di has informed me that Michael Cerveris has announced on his Facebook page that he won’t be around next season.  I had my doubt’s, but then I remembered a photo of an apparent appearance made by the Observer at the TCA party in Pasadena, California on Thursday night.  It wasn’t Michael Cerveris, so I wasn’t sure what to think, but now it is starting to make sense.  He’s possibly the new Observer…whoever he is.